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     Light during the day is different from how it is seen come night time. It is more important, of course, to have proper lighting at night – especially in pathways and other outdoor spaces. There are several principles that you must keep in mind when choosing the right lighting. For one, light varies in intensity, emitted quantity, and color.

Whether you’re using light indoors or outdoors, lighting is divided into three layers:
  • • Overall: This provides illumination for a whole space or room.
  • • Task: This is used for a specific purpose (i.e. lighting up a path)
  • • Accent: This draws attention to an area or an object – usually accomplished with floodlights or spotlights.

Benefits of Outdoor Lighting
  • • Beauty – Having the right outdoor lighting creates a pleasing ambiance on decks and patios. It also helps in making the exterior of a home more appealing from the sidewalk. It definitely adds a touch of elegance.
  • • Security – When you have outdoor lighting, you also help keep your home secure. If your entryways, garages and dark walkways are well-illuminated, you will easily see potential intruders and anomalies.
  • • Safety – Another important benefit of having outdoor lighting is safety. By keeping your pathways well-lit during a house party, it is easier for your guests to navigate their way around without losing their steps.


     We ensures the longevity of the light engine in critical environments, providing highly reliable solutions. Areas like border lighting or areas which need optimum visibility at all times are very difficult to maintain.

     Sturdy and high product quality ensures maintenance free and long-life of products. Our lights provide high brightness for better visibility even in the toughest of conditions, enhancing the security of the area.


     Our robust, high-performance and cost-effective range of lighting make us a number-one choice for lighting ports across the world - no matter what the climatic conditions.

     When illuminating large areas, such as container yards or airport aprons, individual luminaires need to produce a great deal of light, which can often cause glare and excessive contrast when looking towards them. Glare can be uncomfortable and distracting to workers, greatly hindering their productivity and potentially compromising their safety.

     Precise optical system design, combined with the proper lighting scheme, we provide an environment with an optimum glare.


     Lights at the railway yards need to be vibration tolerant. The lighting used in yards and logistics facilities is often hung on high mast poles exceeding 30 meters. Subject to extreme winds and continuous vibration, amplified by heavy machinery on the ground, the luminaires must be able to endure these unstable conditions. We provide light fixtures that are vibration resistant and have low wind loading, making it suitable for such situations.


     Having a clear view of the intricate details and the rich background is paramount to cherish any kind of architecture. A blend of appealing and balanced illumination is required in this segment to take care of both the aspects i.e. archaeological and aesthetics. Our architectural illumination solutions accentuate the aesthetics of the structure and support its historic, artistic & socio-cultural values. We, at Bajaj, have lightened up some of the most iconic monuments in the country while meeting the stringent guidelines associated with a heritage site.


     Proper city lighting not only makes it aesthetically pleasing but also enhances its security. With a formidable amount of expertise in lighting, Bajaj provides end-to-end solutions for illuminating different parts of the city there by making it more livable. The Cityscape portfolio in the Luminaires segment of BEL includes Street lighting, Area lighting and Landscape lighting range of products to address the varied lighting requirements in an entire city.

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outdoor lighting
outdoor lighting
outdoor lighting
outdoor lighting

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